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Our Aminjarrinja people
Prior to redevelopment
Prior to redevelopment
Prior to redevelopment
Prior to redevelopment
Redevelopment continues
Cabins & Cottages build in progress
Redevelopment begins
Redevelopment begins
Construction begins

The Leprechaun has very humble beginnings, and today's Resort is unrecognizable

to the original 'Leprechaun Motel' built in 1969. 

1974 saw the devastating effects of Cyclone Tracy. Leaving a trail of destruction in its path and the demolition of the majority of Darwin's built landscape. Surprisingly,The Leprechaun survived with just minor damage, with the exception of the loss of its roof, which as locals describe it was ”ripped off like a tin can”

In the years to follow, The Leprechaun continued as a Motel and Caravan Park while Darwin rebuilt itself from ground up.

Over the decades Darwin was to become one of Australia's fastest growing cities of commerce and the tourist hub of the North, unfortunately, The Leprechaun did not keep up with the economic boom. By 2010, The Leprechaun had fallen into disrepair and was abandoned.

Aminjarrinja Enterprises saw the potential of the unloved and overgrown motel and acquired the property and began the colossal redevelopment that transformed The Leprechaun into what it is today.

The Resort continues to provide the people of Groote Eylandt with better futures.

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